Hi! I'm Anna.


I am a designer out to blur disciplinary boundaries and crystallize perspectives, spinning stories that come to life through digital and tangible experiences.


I thrive in spaces where there is tension between technology and the health & happiness of our lives, whether it is re-envisioning healthcare services, or exploring the frontiers of interactive media.

Anna von Reden was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and raised in the Wes Anderson wonderland of Cape Cod, MA. Growing up on the docks of scientists studying the mysteries of the sea, she thought she’d be a scientist too. But soon, she realized she was happier when writing about the things she discovered, so that not-so-scientific people could get excited about them too.


She received a B.S. in Biomaterials Science from Olin College of Engineering, where she studied drug delivery methods. Again, the science was fascinating, but ultimately it was the lack of good information design surrounding pharmaceuticals—and all of healthcare—that had a lasting impact.


And so, she readjusted her focus, pursuing a Master's in Communication Planning & Information Design at Carnegie Mellon University. There she wrote a thesis about narratives in healthcare that asked two big questions: (1) what do the stories we tell about our health look like, and (2) why is it so hard to bring our healthcare providers along for the ride?


Since 2013, she has spent most of her time immersed in the world of healthcare technology, attempting to design solutions to these problems. In the process, she’s uncovered more questions than answers.


At heart, she is a creative writer, and deeply believes there are some problems that will always be best solved by a good piece of fiction.

Thanks for visiting! If you'd like to contact me about a project or other opportunity, please have a look at my resume.

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