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UPMC Pocket Pathologist

One of my first projects for UPMC Enterprises was to design the application flow, create wireframes, and develop visual design specifications for an iOS application that allows remotely located Pathologists and others to take microscope images using an iPhone camera, and send them to UPMC for consultation. For me it was an introduction to the technological intricacies of healthcare, the agile software development process, designing for mobile, and a chance to observe pathologists in their working environment. I was involved from the initial interaction design, through the final stages of visual design and launching to the Apple App Store.

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LVAD Implant Clinical Decision Support Tool

A wide range of factors can influence the necessity, timing, and ultimately the success of major implant or transplant surgery. Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are often considered for heart disease patients, but these patients frequently have a number of different co-morbidities, and the surgery may ultimately decrease the quality of life for these patients, particularly if they don't have support from family or friends.


Currently, doctors considering LVADs for their patients must look in disparate systems to extract information relevant to their decision. And even if they successfully locate that information, it usually isn't visualized in ways that aid in identifying trends, correlation, or cause & effect.


As part of a research project in graduate school, I synthesized prior literature reviews and interviews conducted by clinical and HCI students, and developed concepts for how an LVAD decision support system might work. In the process I learned a lot about the mindset and values of clinicians, as well as how the nuances of data visualization can be the difference between informing a decision and confining that decision.